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27 years of export experiences in developing and manufacturing auto electric pedals, pedals, luggage racks, bumpers & mudguards.


  • Safety

    ◆Anti-collision function
    The bracket is perfectly tucked in the side skirt of the car, without increasing the height of the chassis, reducing the risk of collision; In addition, the gap between the panel and the body is less than 10mm when it is repositioned to protect the body from being hit by outside sand and gravel.
    ◆5km/h automatic recovery mode
    If the pedal is in the outstretched state, the pedal will automatically retract when the speed is greater than 5km/h; If the vehicle speed is greater than 5km/h, the pedal of the door is not stretched out when the vehicle speed drops to 0km/h, then the pedal of the side is stretched out when the door is opened.
    ◆Independent circuit
    Do not damage the original car line, avoid abnormal operation of the main board, and avoid the risk of failing to obtain the original manufacturer's warranty agreement due to damage to the line.
    ◆Anti-pinch function
    When the pedal stretches out and encounters an obstacle, it will automatically stop working to prevent accidental pinching when getting off the car. When the pedal is retracted, it will move in the opposite direction when the obstacle is touched. When the obstacle disappears, it will automatically retract to avoid the pedal not being retracted when driving. The risks come.
  • Durable

    ◆Overall bracket
    The original integral bracket, when unfolded, the pedal has a large horizontal displacement, and the pedal is extended more, which is convenient for stepping; after being retracted, the follower will not be retracted, and the required motor gearbox self-locking force is also small.
    ◆Long service life
    The motor assembly and controller can work together 300,000 times, the door control switch can be used more than 100,000 times normally, and the electric pedal can work safely for 10 years under the correct use.
    ◆Top car function
    Able to directly jack the car to change the tire.
    The load capacity of each pedal is more than 300kg.
  • Artistic

    Independent design style, simple and generous, bracket design is reasonable, does not reduce the body chassis, strong passability.
    The bracket is hidden in the groove of the body chassis, and the panel and the side skirt are tightly fitted, which will not affect the appearance design of the model, and meet the requirements of the owners with high requirements on appearance.
    When developing the state, the pedal horizontal displacement is larger, the pedal is extended more, convenient trample.
  • Intellect

    ◆High performance motor
    The motor has been tested by 60,000 times of expansion and contraction of the pedal, water spraying and freezing experiments, providing intelligent safety.
    ◆High-strength aluminum cast bracket
    The car code is made of high-strength aluminum alloy cast aluminum, which is stable and durable, and can easily carry 400KG weight.
    ◆Exclusive model LOGO nameplate
    The surface of the pedal is concave and convex, improving the safety of passengers. Stainless steel exclusive car LOGO.


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